Feus Brewery

Business: John Carmichael and Co

Location: Auchterarder

Type: Brewery

The Feus Brewery was first recorded in the valuation rolls of 1858, when it was occupied by Robert Mailer and owned by his son, also Robert, a local solicitor. Robert senior was recorded as a brewer and maltster living in Feus in 1851, so it is likely that the Feus Brewery was in operation before 1858. The brewery was sold  in 1861 for £300 (about £30,000 in today's money) to David Farquharson, a partner in Scott & Co.

After David was declared bankrupt in 1863 the brewery was offered for sale for £220 (about £22,000 in today's money), and it was purchased by John Young, a surgeon in Dunning. Scott & Co continued as tenants, but offered their brewing utensils for sale in 1864; they were still recorded as the tenants in 1869.

The brewery was briefly taken on by James Christie in 1869 following the dissolution of the partnership of J. & A. Christie.

John Carmichael bought the brewery in 1872 and he was the proprietor until 1893, trading as John Carmichael & Co. The brewery then passed to Carmichael & Co and was eventually acquired by Carmichael & Co Ltd in 1897, which renamed it as the Strathearn Brewery.

Map of 1860 showing the layout of the Feus Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2016

Active: 1850s - 1897

Address: Feus

Status: Part survives

Current Use: Part of the brewery survives as a private house


Feus Brewery
An aerial view from the 1960s showing the former Feus Brewery prior to demolition
© Steve Gardiner 2016


The brewery buildings have been demolished and the site is now awaiting development.