Strathearn Brewery

Business: Carmichael and Co Ltd

Location: Auchterarder

Type: Brewery

The Feus Brewery was acquired by Carmichael & Co Ltd in 1897, which renamed it the Strathearn Brewery.

The brewery closed in 1905, and was offered for sale in 1906.

Map of 1899 showing the layout of the Strathearn Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2016

Active: 1897 - 1905

Address: Feus

Status: Part survives

Current Use: Part of the brewery survives as a private house


Strathearn Brewery
An aerial view from the 1960s showing the former Strathearn Brewery prior to demolition
© Steve Gardiner 2016


The brewery buildings have been demolished and the site is now awaiting development.