Thornbush Brewery

Business: Guild and Co

Location: Inverness

Type: Brewery

The Thornbush Brewery was established by William Loban about 1833. Following William's death in 1847 it was briefly taken on by his son Francis William Loban, before being sold to the Thornbush Brewery Company in 1853 for £1,920.

One of the partners, George Black, became the principal partner around 1855 and was in charge until 1887, when the brewery was sold to the partnership of Guild & Wyllie. When that partnership was dissolved, James Lyon Guild carried on the business on his account, trading as Guild & Co. The brewery was put up for sale, and sold at auction in 1913 for £1,000.

It was extended several times from 1867 to 1895 to designs by local architects Alexander Ross and Robert John Macbeth, including a kiln and malthouse. Finally, a maltings was added in 1897 designed by the well-known brewery architect Peter Lyle Barclay Henderson.

It was described as being a "2-storey and attic, 2- by 8-bay rubble building, with 1- and 2-storey extensions".

Map of 1903 showing the layout of the Thornbush Brewery
Map of 1903 showing the layout of the Thornbush Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2015

Active: 1830s - 1913

Address: Kessock Road

Status: Converted

Current Use: Plumbers' merchant

Architect: Ross & Macbeth


Thornbush Brewery
This view shows the brewery in the 1960s, viewed from the east.
©John Hume, 2015


Most of the buildings still stand and can be seen from Kessock Road, and at the rear from Coronation Park. They are currently occupied by a plumbers' merchant.


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