Francis William Loban

Francis William Loban took on the Thornbush Brewery in 1847, following the death of his father, William Loban.

Francis was declared bankrupt in 1849, but had reached an agreement with his creditors by 1850.

He did not remain much longer in the business, however, as the Thornbush Brewery was put up for sale in 1853.

The brewery and associated buildings were acquired that year by Andrew, George and James Black for £1,920 (about £230,000 at today's prices), who then ran the brewery under the name of the Thornbush Brewery Company.

Location: Inverness

Active: 1847 - 1853

Status: Closed

Breweries and other buildings

The Thornbush Brewery was located in Kessock Road, and was added to several times during its history. Most of the buildings still stand and are currently used by a plumbers' merchant.


Map of 1867 showing the Thornbush Brewery
Map of 1867 showing the Thornbush Brewery
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