Guild and Co

James Lyon Guild was originally in partnership with Richard Wyllie, trading as Guild & Wyllie.

When the partnership was dissolved in 1894, James carried on the business at the Thornbush Brewery under the name Guild & Co.

He was fined £35 in 1900 for selling ale and porter from the brewery store in Elgin in less quantities than permitted by his license.

Around 1908 James decided to move to Edinburgh, where he became a land valuator, and the brewery was put up for sale. It fetched £1,000 in 1913.

Location: Inverness

Active: 1894 - 1907

Status: Closed

Breweries and other buildings

The Thornbush Brewery was located in Kessock Road, and was added to several times during its history. Most of the buildings still stand and are currently used by a plumbers' merchant.


Map of 1903 showing the Thornbush Brewery
Map of 1903 showing the Thornbush Brewery
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