Guild and Wyllie

James Lyon Guild and Richard Wyllie formed the partnership of Guild & Wyllie, in 1887, to acquire the Thornbush Brewery from George Black of the Thornbush Brewery Company.

The partnership was dissolved in 1894, and James carried on the business under the name Guild & Co.

Richard moved south to take up a position with Samuel Allsopp & Sons Ltd in Burton-upon-Trent, before becoming the general manager of the Cheltenham Original Brewery.

The company's trademark was a view of Inverness Castle.

Amongst the beers produced by the company was Light Dinner Ale.

Trademark of Guild & Wyllie
Trademark of Guild & Wyllie
© Forbes Gibb, 2015

Location: Inverness

Active: 1887 - 1894

Status: Dissolved

Breweries and other buildings

The Thornbush Brewery was located in Kessock Road, and was added to several times during its history. Most of the buildings still stand and are currently used by a plumbers' merchant.


Map of 1867 showing the Thornbush Brewery
Map of 1867 showing the Thornbush Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2015


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