Annan Brewery

Business: Andrew Little

Location: Annan

Type: Brewery

The Annan Brewery can trace its origins back to at least 1801, when Andrew Little was described as "living at Brewarie". The brewery then passed into the hands of William and George Little, and is shown as "Messrs Littles Brewery" on a map of 1826.

The brewery subsequently came into the hands of the partnership of Gass & Hope in 1830. They offered it for sale in 1836 when it was described as being "large and recently re-built" and as having "malting houses, large granaries, counting house, salt house … and a good fall of spring water into the premises".

The brewery was then operated by Gavin Gass, on his own account, while James Hope built a brewery next door. When Gavin died in 1842 the brewery passed to his wife Elizabeth. It was eventually offered for sale or let in 1858, when it was described as "doing a good business" and that there was "no other brewery within 16 miles". "Messrs Wilson" occupied the brewery for a period in the 1860s. It was then offered to let in 1870 by the trustees of the estate of John C. Wilson, when it was described as having a "seven-quarter plant and sixteen quarter malt house". It is probable that it was then taken on briefly by Peter McEwan, who was declared bankrupt in 1871.

Map of 1826 showing the Annan Brewery and Brewery House to the south
Map of 1826 showing the Annan Brewery and Brewery House to the south
© National Library of Scotland, 2015

Active: 1800s - 1871

Address: Port Street

Status: Demolished

Current Use: Housing


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This shows the former entrance to the brewery area. The site has since been cleared and is partly occupied by a new housing development.


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