A M Turner

Andrew Muir Turner (c.1842-1912) had been a publican since 1868 before acquiring the Newton Brewery from the executors of David Bell Young in 1881. He then acquired the Citadel Stores in about 1886. In 1898 he established Turner's Ayr & Newton Breweries Ltd to acquire the Ayr Brewery of James Watson & Co, and the Newton Brewery and the Citadel Stores.

Location: Newton

Active: 1881 - 1898

Status: Converted

Breweries and other buildings

Brewing at the Newton Brewery ceased in 1929, although it continued to be used for the manufacture of mineral waters. The site was eventually cleared and is now occupied by a supermarket.

The Citadel Stores was a bonded warehouse for the company's wine and spirits business on South Harbour Street.


Andrew Muir Turner
Andrew Muir Turner