Gillespie, Sons and Co.

The partnership of Gillespie, Sons & Co appears to have been resurrected following the liquidation of Gillespie, Sons & Co Ltd in 1908, with production ending in Glasgow and being moved to Dumbarton.

The partners in 1926 were Helen Brown Gillespie, Elizabeth Gibb Gillespie and George Strachan Blaikie.

The partnership was dissolved that year, and George Strachan Blaikie carried on the business under the same name at the Crown Brewery.

The business was eventually re-incorporated as Gillespie, Sons & Co (Brewers) Ltd in 1944.

The company trademark was a depiction of Dumbarton Castle.

Trademark of Gillespie, Sons & Co
Trademark of Gillespie, Sons & Co
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Location: Dumbarton

Active: 1910s - 1940s

Status: Converted

Breweries and other buildings

The Crown Brewery in Dumbarton was originally known as the Dumbarton Brewery, and was occupied by Alexander Gillespie from around 1861.

The site has since been cleared, and is now used for car parking.


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Map showing the Crown Brewery in 1914
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