Crown Brewery

Business: Gillespie, Sons and Co (Brewers) Ltd

Location: Dumbarton

Type: Brewery

This brewery was originally known as the Dumbarton Brewery, which had been rebuilt in the 1850s following a severe fire which destroyed many of the buildings.

It was acquired by Alexander Gillespie from the estate of James Blair Risk around 1880.

It subsequently passed through a number of companies associated with the Gillespie name - Gillespie, Sons & Co, Gillespie, Sons & Co Ltd, and Gillespie, Sons & Co (Brewers) Ltd - adopting the name Crown Brewery in the 1910s

Brewing came to an end in the 1950s, when Gillespie, Sons & Co (Brewers) Ltd went into liquidation.

Map of 1937 showing the layout of the Crown Brewery
Map of 1937 showing the layout of the Crown Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2015

Active: 1910s - 1950s

Address: Brewery Lane

Status: Demolished

Current Use: Car parking


Sadly we do not have a picture of the Crown Brewery. Please contact us if you have one!


The site has since been cleared, and is now used for car parking.


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