Alexander Gillespie

Alexander Gillespie moved to Dumbarton around 1861 to operate from what was then known as the Dumbarton Brewery.

He gradually expanded the market for his beers, particularly in Glasgow. Building on this success he went into partnership with Thomas Gray in 1872, trading as Gillespie, Gray and Co from the Crownpoint Brewery (which they re-named the Crown Brewery during their lease) in the Gallowgate, and then from a new Crown Brewery in Slatefield Street.

Location: Dumbarton

Active: 1861 - 1872

Status: Transferred

Breweries and other buildings

Alexander Gillespie leased the Dumbarton Brewery from the 1860s. He eventually acquired it from the estate of James Blair Risk in the 1880s.

The site has since been cleared, and is now used for car parking.


Map of 1860 showing the Dumbarton Brewery
Map of 1860 showing the Dumbarton Brewery
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