Laurencekirk Brewery

Business: David Cameron Ltd

Location: Laurencekirk

Type: Brewery

The Laurencekirk Brewery was established in the early 1860s by John Nelson, who installed a patent pressing machine for extracting hop juice in 1867.

After John's death the brewery was occupied by the partnership of Nelson & Co until it was put up for sale in 1875 at the upset price of £1,700.

It was bought at the reduced price of £1,600 by Patrick Dickson, a local banker, and was then let to the partnership of Donald, Cameron & Co for an initial period of ten years.

Following the death of James Donald, the remaining partner, David Cameron, took on the brewery on his own account, and was associated with it until his death in 1944.

It was then acquired by David Cameron Ltd, who were taken over by McLennan & Urquhart Ltd of Dalkeith in 1945.

Map of 1864 showing the layout of the Laurencekirk Brewery
Map of 1864 showing the layout of the Laurencekirk Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2015

Active: 1860s - 1944

Address: Conveth Place

Status: Part survives

Current Use: Car park and outbuildings


Sadly we do not have a picture of the Laurencekirk Brewery. Please contact us if you have one!


The former brewery yard and some outbuildings still survive next to the Royal Hotel