Daniel Bernard

Daniel Bernard became a partner in Thomas and James Bernard, with his brother John Mackay Bernard, following their father Thomas's death in 1875. In 1889 Daniel fell out with his brother and left the partnership. He traded initially under his own name at the old Edinburgh Brewery in the North Back of the Canongate. When these premises were acquired to accommodate the expansion plans of the North British Railway Company,

Daniel established Bernards Ltd, which built the Bernard's Brewery in Gorgie. The company's trademark was a ring of bayonets, arranged like a stylised sun, with 'Bayonet Brand' written across the centre. Amongst the beers produced by the business were India Pale Ale and Pale Ale.

Location: Edinburgh

Active: 1889 - 1895

Status: Converted

Breweries and other buildings

What became known as the Edinburgh Brewery was based upon a group of buildings arranged around an oblong courtyard, some of which were reputed to date back to the 15th century. The site was acquired, and cleared, by the North British Railway Company in 1903 to allow Waverley Station to be expanded.


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Map of 1896 showing the layout of the old Edinburgh Brewery and associated cooperage.
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