Bernard's Brewery

Business: Bernards Ltd

Location: Edinburgh

Type: Brewery

Bernard's Brewery was built in 1893 by Bernards Ltd, which had been established in 1892 to take on the business of Daniel Bernard; the architect was Hippolyte Jean Blanc. Daniel had previously operated from the old Edinburgh Brewery in the North Back of the Canongate but was forced to move his operations when the North British Railway Company acquired the site to accommodate its expansion plans at Waverley Station.

The brewery buildings were built of white stone, with a red facing, arranged around an inner paved court. A railway branch line ran nearby, which allowed goods to be readily conveyed into, and out of, the site. When Bernards Ltd ceased trading in 1904 the site was acquired by T. & H. Smith Ltd, a local pharmaceutical firm.

Map of 1893 showing the layout of Bernard's Brewery
Map of 1893 showing the layout of Bernard's Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2017

Active: 1895 - 1905

Address: Wheatfield Road

Status: Part survives

Current Use: Pharmaceutical works

Architect: Hippolyte Jean Blanc


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Much of the site was redeveloped in the 1980s but the administrative offices, on Wheatfield Road, still survive.