Thomas Ballingall

Thomas Ballingall carried on the baking and brewing business formerly run by David Ballingall in Back Street, until at least 1837, although he was declared bankrupt in 1832. William Dawson occupied the Leven Brewery from 1845, but by the time that it was advertised for sale by the trustees of Thomas's estate in 1851, it was occupied by the partnership of Scott & Lyall.

Location: Leven

Active: 1820s - 1830s

Status: Closed

Breweries and other buildings

The Leven Brewery was located on the junction of what is now North Street (formerly Back Street) and Brewery Wynd. Part of the brewery survives as a meeting hall for the British Legion.


Map of 1854 showing the location of the Leven Brewery
Map of 1854 showing the location of the Leven Brewery
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