John Neave and Sons Ltd

John Neave & Sons Ltd was registered in 1899 (Scottish Company No. 4120), with a proposed capitalisation of £10,000 (just over £1m in today's money) to take on the business of M. D. Wills, including the Victoria Brewery and the Ladywell Tavern.

The company did not thrive, however, and the business was offered for sale in 1908. The following year it went into voluntary liquidation, and it was finally wound up in 1911.

Amongst the beers produced by the firm was Empire Bitter Ale.

Location: Dundee

Active: 1899 - 1911

Status: Dissolved

Breweries and other buildings

The Victoria Brewery was built by Margaret Wills in 1875, partly using monies borrowed from the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee.

The buildings have been converted to a mix of commercial and residential properties, and were given listed building status in 1993.


Map of 1900 showing the Victoria Brewery
Map of 1900 showing the Victoria Brewery
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Other Sources of information


The National Records of Scotland holds dissolved company papers (Ref : BT2/4120) for the period 1899-1902.

The University of Glasgow Archive Services holds papers in its Scottish Brewing Archive from 1890-1909 (Ref : JNS)

Web resources

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Books and periodicals

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