Ladywell Tavern

Business: John Neave and Sons Ltd

Location: Dundee

Type: Pub, Club, Hotel

The Ladywell Tavern was the brewery tap of the Victoria Brewery, and was created by converting an exisiting two storey building beside the entrance to the brewery yard.

It was offered for sale in 1910 after John Neave & Sons Ltd had gone into liquidation.

It still functions as a pub, and was granted listed building status in 1993.

Map of 1900 showing the location of the Ladywell Tavern
© National Library of Scotland, 2015

Active: 1890s - Current

Address: Victoria Road

Status: In Use


Ladywell Tavern
The Ladywell Tavern was created by converting the two storey building to the left of the yard gates
© Libraries, Leisure and Culture, Dundee, 2015


The Ladywell Tavern still functions as pub


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