J and A Davidson (Coldstream) Ltd

J. & A. Davidson (Coldstream) Ltd was formed in 1918 (Scottish Company No 10146) to take on the long-established business of J. & A. Davidson, which had been run by a partnership between Bernard Constable Maxwell and William Robert Robertson from 1913.

The business was then converted into a limited company in 1918 - J. & A. Davidson (Coldstream) Ltd. By this time it had acquired the trade of W. B. Thomson Ltd, who had been brewers in Blackford, and wine and spirits merchants in Perth.

However, it was offered for sale the same year, along with 5 public houses, and eventually went into liquidation in 1922.

The business was then taken on by another newly formed limited company - the Coldstream Brewery Co Ltd.

Location: Coldstream

Active: 1918 - 1922

Status: Dissolved

Breweries and other buildings

The Coldstream Brewery was founded in the second half of the 1790s and passed through the hands of a number of owners before being acquired by J. & A. Davidson (Coldstream) Ltd.

The brewery consisted of "an attractive group of 1- and 2- storey rubble buildings around a courtyard", parts of which survive today as housing.


Map of 1906 showing the Coldstream Brewery
Map of 1906 showing the Coldstream Brewery
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Other Sources of information


The National Records of Scotland holds dissolved company papers (Ref : BT2/10146) for the period 1918-1922).