Newton Stewart Brewery

Business: South-Western Brewery Co Ltd

Location: Newton Stewart

Type: Brewery

The Newton Stewart Brewery was established in the 1790s by David Maclaurin. It then passed through the hands of his son James, and from him to a second son Ludovic. When Ludovic offered it to let it in 1854 it was described as having been "established for upwards of sixty years" and as having "been recently fitted up with new coppers, coolers, tuns, etc.," with "a substantial and commodious dwelling-house".

The brewery was acquired by Bryce Wright in about 1855, and was offered for sale in 1880 for £1,825. It was then acquired by William Thomas Solomon, who had been the tenant since the 1860s. William built up an extensive drinks business which traded as W. T. Solomon & Co, and which included twelve public houses and three others that were leased. His business was acquired by the South-Western Brewery Co Ltd in 1898 for £30,000. By the 1920s the business was in financial difficulties and was bought by the Edinburgh brewing firm of Archibald Campbell, Hope and King Ltd. Brewing ceased at that point, and the buildings were used as a depot for Archibald Campbell, Hope and King's trade in the south-west of Scotland until 1971 when the company was taken over, in turn, by Whitbread & Co Ltd, of London.

Map of 1908 showing the layout of the Newton Stewart Brewery
Map of 1908 showing the layout of the Newton Stewart Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2015

Active: 1790s - 1926

Address: King Street

Status: Part survives

Current Use: Residential property


Newton Stewart Brewery
This view shows the brewery in the 1960s.
©John Hume, 2015


Some of the brewery buildings were demolished for new housing, but the brewer's house still stands with its distinctive columns and pediment around the door.


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