Bathgate Brewery (New)

Business: Thomas Robertson

Location: Bathgate

Type: Brewery

Thomas Robertson moved his brewing business from the old Bathgate Brewery in Chapel Lane to Engine Street in 1866, into premises leased to him by Henry Robertson. These lay "in the court opening to the south of the house tenanted by Mr Dodds, writer" placing it just to the north of the Royal Commercial Hotel in what is now King Street.

The site was then leased by Charles Robb and Peter Rolland in 1867, trading as the Bathgate Brewery Company, until they were declared bankrupt later that year.

The brewery was offered for lease several times between 1867 and 1870, as were the fixtures, brewing utensils and plant. The advertisements describe the brewery as being a "business which has been established for a number of years" with "a plant equal to five quarters" and "the only brewery in the County of Linlithgowshire".

Thomas Robertson continued to be recorded as the occupier but the premises lay empty from 1867 until 1874, when they were leased by the Bathgate School Board who were looking for temporary accommodation.

Map of 1854 showing the location of the Bathgate Brewery
Map of 1854 showing the location of the Bathgate Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2015

Active: 1866 - 1867

Address: Engine Street

Status: Demolished

Current Use: Commercial property


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The site of the brewery was redeveloped in the 1900s to accommodate new commercial premises.

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