Bathgate Brewery Company

The Bathgate Brewery Company operated as a short-lived partnership between Charles Robb and Peter Rolland at Thomas Robertson’s new Bathgate Brewery in Engine Street.

Prior to joining the partnership Peter Rolland had been a partner in Rolland & Thomson of Ayr, from which he retired in 1859.

The Bathgate Brewery Company  was wound up in April of 1867 under a petition from Sanderson & Sons, a firm of maltmen and grain merchants in Wakefield.

Location: Bathgate

Active: 1867 - 1867

Status: Bankrupt

Breweries and other buildings

The new Bathgate Brewery was established in 1866 and lay "in the court opening to the south of the house tenanted by Mr Dodds, writer", placing it just to the north of the Royal Commercial Hotel.


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Map of 1854 showing the location of the new Bathgate Brewery in Engine Street
© National Library of Scotland, 2015

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