Bathgate Brewery (Old)

Business: Thomas Robertson

Location: Bathgate

Type: Brewery

The Bathgate Brewery was located in Chapel Lane, now Mansefield Street. The brewery was established in a former tanworks and was described in the Ordnance Survey Name Book as "a large mass of buildings erected in 1828, consisting of malt lofts, coppers, etc. It manufactures about 1,000 gallons of ale weekly and is situated at the north end of Chapel Lane".

John Pearson & Co established the brewery and ran it from 1837 to 1838, when they were declared bankrupt.

Mr M. Wallace bought the complex in the 1840s for £600, and it was run by his son John until it was put up for sale again in 1856 with "steam engine, and whole fixtures and apparatus" and "abundant water peculiarly adapted for fine ales".

Thomas Robertson then acquired the brewery and ran it from 1856 to 1866, when he moved to new premises in Engine Street, and advertised the equipment at the old brewery for sale.

The buildings were sold to Donald Fraser of Leith, who established the West Lothian Flint Glassworks on the site between 1866 and 1867.

Map of 1854 showing the layout of the Bathgate Brewery
Map of 1854 showing the layout of the Bathgate Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2015

Active: 1837 - 1866

Address: Chapel Lane

Status: Demolished

Current Use: Housing and commercial property


Bathgate Brewery (Old)
This trade card shows Roberston's Brewery in Chapel Lane.
© Forbes Gibb, 2015


The site was cleared in the 1920s for housing and commercial premises.

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