John Pearson and Co

John Pearson was in partnership with his brother-in-law John Simpson, a local writer, from at least 1834, and established the Bathgate Brewery.

They operated the brewery, under the name John Pearson & Co, until around 1838, when the two partners were declared bankrupts. A final dividend was paid to creditors in 1840.

John Wallace became the proprietor of the  Bathgate Brewery in 1839.

Location: Bathgate

Active: 1834 - 1838

Status: Bankrupt

Breweries and other buildings

The Bathgate Brewery was established in the old tanworks in Chapel Lane. After its sale in the late 1860s it became the site of the West Lothian Flint Glassworks. Following a fire in 1924, the site was cleared for housing and new commercial buildings.


Map of 1854 showing the Bathgate Brewery
Map of 1854 showing the Bathgate Brewery
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Other Sources of information


The National Records of Scotland holds a valuation and inventory of John Pearson's brewing and farming assets (Ref : CS96/4749).

Books and periodicals

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