Historical County: Ayrshire

Modern County: South Ayrshire

Ayr has been home to a number of breweries over the years, the best known of which were the Fort Brewery and the Ayr Brewery.

The Malt Cross, which was associated with the malt market, was located on Sandgate (later New Bridge Street).

Malt was also sold in the meal market, but the brewers' complaints about its quality led the Council, in 1730, to inspect all the mills where malt was ground. All the sacks containing approved malt were subsequently tied and closed with a wax seal, for a charge of one shilling Scots, and a levy of two shillings Scots was imposed on each boll of malt sold at the Tuesday meal market.

There was also significant brewing activity across the river in neighbouring Newton-upon-Ayr.

Buildings in Ayr