Historical County: Ayrshire

Modern County: South Ayrshire

Wallacetown lay just to the east of Newton in St Quivox parish and was named after the landowners, the Wallaces of Craigie. It eventually absorbed the nearby village of Content, and was home to at least two breweries in the nineteenth century.

In 1599 a statute was passed in Ayr by which it was enacted that "no person should brew or sell ale under sixteen pennies ilk pint". Fortunately, as they operated  outside the boundaries of the Burgh of Ayr, brewers in Newton and Wallacetown were exempt from many of the taxes and duties. In 1833 Ayr Town Council attempted to prosecute Watson & Brown for importing barley from Dumfries to the north side of the harbour, but it was found that no custom or other duty was due.

Buildings in Wallacetown:

Buildings in Wallacetown