John Martine

John Martine was the son of a local tanner but "he declined to step into his father's shoes, preferring rather to study the art of brewing. He was accordingly apprenticed to a west-country brewer". John had returned to Haddington by 1834 to establish the Sidegate Brewery at property owned by his mother, who had inherited considerable wealth from her uncle, George Forrest, a brewer in Edinburgh.

John was declared bankrupt in 1847, was discharged from his debts in 1856, and declared bankrupt again in 1862, after which the brewery was offered to let. It was briefly tenanted by Thomas Laurie before being taken on in 1865 by James Richardson, who owned the Nungate Brewery.

Location: Haddington

Active: 1830s - 1862

Status: Closed

Breweries and other buildings

The Sidegate Brewery was arranged around a courtyard and consisted of a brewery, malt kiln, granaries, cellars, steam engine house, stable, guano house, and garden.

Much of the complex has since been converted into private housing in what is now known as Brewery Close.


Map of 1853 showing the layout of the Sidegate Brewery
Map of 1853 showing the layout of the Sidegate Brewery
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