James Richardson

James Richardson took on the lease of the Nungate Brewery in 1859 following the death of the existing tenant John Walker. Amongst the beers he offered for sale were Sweet Ales, and £5, £6 and £7 Ales. He bought the brewery after it was offered for sale in 1862 but then rented the larger Sidegate Brewery in 1865, after which brewing at the Nungate Brewery came to an end.

In 1871 he was employing 10 men at the Sidegate Brewery, but by 1881 this had fallen to 6 men and he decided to retire from the business. The brewery was then acquired by James Mackell Montgomery.

Location: Haddington

Active: 1859 - 1881

Status: Closed

Breweries and other buildings

The Nungate Brewery was described as "a small building used as a brewery in good repair with kiln and the necessary offices attached"and "consisting of brew-house, dwelling-house, and others on one side of the road, and a kiln, granary, and malt barn on the other side of it".

The brewery and maltbarn survive today, converted into private housing.

The Sidegate Brewery was described as consisting of a brewery, malt kiln, granaries, cellars, steam engine house, stable, guano house, and garden.

The brewery has since been converted into private housing in what is now known as Brewery Close.


Map of 1853 showing the layout of the Sidegate Brewery.
Map of 1853 showing the layout of the Sidegate Brewery.
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