John Aitken

John Aitken is believed to have founded his business at the Falkirk Brewery in 1740. When he died, the business was carried on by his son, also John.

When John junior died, a board of trustees was appointed which administered the brewing business and substantial holdings of land.

Two of John junior's sons, James and Lauchlan, subsequently formed the partnership of James Aitken & Co to carry on the business around 1823.

Location: Falkirk

Active: 1740 - 1823

Status: Transferred

Breweries and other buildings

The Falkirk Brewery was located between the High Street and what is now Newmarket Street, to the west of Lint Riggs, and consisted of a group of buildings around a central courtyard. The site is now mainly occupied by a modern commercial complex.


Map of 1858 showing the layout of the original Falkirk Brewery
Map of 1858 showing the layout of the original Falkirk Brewery
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