Falkirk Brewery (Old)

Business: John Aitken

Location: Falkirk

Type: Brewery

The Falkirk Brewery was established by John Aitken in 1740, and lay between the High Street and what is now Newmarket Street. It consisted of a group of buildings organised around a central courtyard, at the south end of which was the Aitken family home.

The Aitken family built up considerable holdings of land which included "two acres of land lying next adjacent to the tenements of land and houses, malt barn, kiln, coble and yard upon the north side of the High Street"; this became the site of the new Falkirk Brewery.

By the time of Alfred Barnard's visit in 1889, brewing had ceased on the original site and the brewhouse was being used as a yeast store and hop loft.

The buildings were put up for sale by public roup in 1902 but remained unsold until 1913 when Mr Easson of Motherwell bought it for £2,100. A 950 seat cinema, the Pavilion, was built on the site in 1914.

Map of 1858 showing the layout of the original Falkirk Brewery
Map of 1858 showing the layout of the original Falkirk Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2016

Active: 1740 - 1900s

Address: Newmarket Street

Status: Demolished

Current Use: Commercial development


Falkirk Brewery (Old)
This picture shows the brewery in the 1900s when it was lying idle.


The site is now occupied by a 1970s commercial development.


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