Robertson, Brander, Ritchie and Co

The copartnery of Robertson, Brander, Ritchie & Co was established by local businessmen in 1784 to set up a brewery close to Elgin Cathedral on land known as the Petty Manse.

The partners were: Alexander Brander, George Brown, John Ritchie, William Robertson, Peter Rose Watson, and William Young. The capital of the company was £1,000, with a £500 cash account. William Robertson was appointed as the brewery manager.

By 1803 the business had been sold to Alexander Young.

Location: Elgin

Active: 1784 - 1800s

Status: Acquired

Breweries and other buildings

The original Elgin Brewery consisted of about half a dozen buildings arranged around a central courtyard, and lay to the east of Elgin Cathedral.


Map of 1822 showing the layout of the Elgin Brewery
Map of 1822 showing the layout of the Elgin Brewery
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Books and periodicals

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