James Chep and Co

James Chep formed a partnership in 1801 with Andrew Brown, James Harvey and James Watt to take on the business formerly run by James Harvey's father, also James. By 1829 the partnership had been restructured, and was trading under the name of the Sacell Brewery Company.

Location: Paisley

Active: 1801 - 1820s

Status: Dissolved

Breweries and other buildings

The Sacell Brewery was in operation from at least the 1770s, and was gradually expanded into "a 3-storey, 13-bay block, probably originally maltings, with 2 kilns". The buildings were eventually used as bonded warehouses by the Distillers Company Ltd, and as an office block by Millen Brothers, shipbuilders. The area has since been cleared and is part of a development of modern housing.


Map of 1828 showing the location of the Sacell Brewery
Map of 1828 showing the location of the Sacell Brewery
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