Mains Maltings

Business: James Aitken and Co (Falkirk) Ltd

Location: Linlithgow

Type: Malting

James Aitken & Co bought the Mains Distillery in Linlithgow in 1855 and converted it into a maltings, which they enlarged in 1875. Alfred Barnard visited the maltings in 1889 by which time it had a frontage of 190 feet and was supplied with water from a well 600 ft deep in the neighbouring meadow, possibly linked to water supplies from nearby Preston House.

Maltings were often built in rural areas as they needed to be spacious, and urban locations were often not cost-effective. Linlithgow was ideally placed to take advantage of the good quality barley from farms in West Lothian and trains could easily carry malt to the Falkirk Brewery from a railway sidings attached to the maltings.

Two rows of cottages were built close to the maltings for the maltmen and their families.

Map of 1895 showing the layout of the Mains Maltings
Map of 1895 showing the layout of the Mains Maltings
© National Library of Scotland, 2016

Active: 1855 - 1980s

Address: Mains Road

Status: Converted

Current Use: Residential property


Mains Maltings
This picture shows the Mains Maltings in the 1960s
© John Hume, 2016


The maltings were converted into housing in the 1980s.

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