Historical County: Linlithgowshire

Modern County: West Lothian

Brewing in Linlithgow can be traced back to at least 1664 when the brewers presented a petition to the Privy Council against the Town Council for detaining their malt in the burgh mill until they had paid outstanding taxes. Relations probably did not improve when the Council applied for the right to levy an impost (i.e. tax) on ale and beer in 1700. The brewers were also required to pay thirlage and in 1707 agreed to pay "one merk additional multure upon each boll of malt".

Linlithgow had 41 people employed in the brewing, distilling, and related trades according to the 1841 census. Linlithgow was the licensing authority for the county and licensed twelve brewers in 1844 who between them consumed over 19,000 bushels of malt. There were also seven victuallers who were licensed to brew their own beer.

Linlithgow was home to two substantial breweries in the 19th century, as well as two distilleries.

Buildings in Linlithgow:

Buildings in Linlithgow