James Edington

The Edington family are believed to have been associated with the MacDuff Brewery from the 1800s, when James Edington senior ran the business. James Edington junior carried on the business following his father's death in 1825 until about 1847, when the brewery was offered to let. He then focused his energies on the malting side of the business. The brewery was leased by the partnership of J. & G. Brown from about 1851.

Location: East Wemyss

Active: 1800s - 1847

Status: Closed

Breweries and other buildings

The MacDuff Brewery consisted of a brew-house in the north east of the complex, flanked by buildings to the south and west, including a dwelling-house. Most of the site has been cleared for modern housing, but the dwelling-house survives as a private residence.


Map of 1854 showing the location of the MacDuff Brewery
Map of 1854 showing the location of the MacDuff Brewery
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