Andrew Colquhoun and Co

The partnership of Andrew Colquhoun & Co was formed by Andrew Colquhoun, of Tullibody, and his half-brother Charles MacDonald.

The firm established the St Ninian's Well Brewery in Burghmuir, where it later also produced aerated waters. Around 1899 the business was acquired by James Cairns Miller and his cousin James Miller, who then traded as J. & J. Miller.

Amongst the beers produced by the company was Colquhoun's Pale Ale.

Trademark of Andrew Colquhoun & Co
Trademark of Andrew Colquhoun & Co
© Forbes Gibb, 2016

Location: Stirling

Active: 1865 - 1899

Status: Acquired

Breweries and other buildings

The St Ninian's Well Brewery consisted of a series of buildings arranged in a rectangle around a central courtyard. The buildings have since been demolished, and the site is occupied by a modern housing complex.


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Map of 1896 showing the location of the St Ninian's Well Brewery
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