D S Ireland Ltd

When David Stevenson Ireland died in 1890 the Argyle Brewery was bought by a "syndicate of Edinburgh gentlemen". D. S. Ireland Ltd was then established in 1892 (Scottish Company No. 2399) with a proposed capitalisation of £25,000.

The business soon experienced financial difficulties and was voluntarily liquidated in 1896, with the intention of restructuring the company with a new capitalisation of £20,000.

The company was re-incorporated to purchase the "brewery business and other subjects at St Andrews known as the Argyle Brewery", with its registered office at 41 St Vincent Street, Glasgow. However, the restructuring hit trouble when the liquidator, Robert Graham Abercrombie, disappeared, leaving personal debts of over £70,000.

The brewery was offered for sale in 1899 and 1900, and the company was wound up in 1902.

Amongst the beers known to have been produced by the firm were Double Brown Stout, Sweet Ale, Table Beer, and Three Guinea Ale

Location: St Andrews

Active: 1892 - 1902

Status: Dissolved

Breweries and other buildings

The brewery was described as a "group of 2- and 3-storey rubble buildings" with a "3-storey brewhouse with an octagonal-section, red-and-white-brick chimney", with all the buildings having pantiled roofs.

Most of the brewery has been demolished, though the entrance to the courtyard remains.


Map of 1893 showing the Argyle Brewery
Map of 1893 showing the Argyle Brewery
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Other Sources of information


The National Records of Scotland holds dissolved company papers (Ref : BT2/2399) for the period 1892-1900.

Books and periodicals

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