Richardland Brewery

Business: George Paxton and Sons

Location: Kilmarnock

Type: Brewery

The Richardland Brewery was established in 1803, and consisted of "a group of 1- and 2- storey buildings round a courtyard, with a truncated pyramidal-roofed kiln". The premises are believed to have been built for William Wallace & Co. After the partnership was dissolved in 1811 William retained the name for what eventually became a highly successful whisky agent and blender while the brewery business was continued by the other partner, George Paxton. George later ran the concern in partnership with his sons George and James, trading as George Paxton & Sons.

The buildings fell into disuse when the business ceased trading in about 1902, and were later used as a skinworks.

Map of 1857 showing the layout of the Richardland Brewery
Map of 1857 showing the layout of the Richardland Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2023

Active: 1803 - 1902

Status: Demolished


Richardland Brewery
The Richardland Brewery buildings in 1966.
© John Hume, 2013


The buildings have been demolished and the bulk of the site is occupied by a modern factory.


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