Irvine Brewery

Business: McNaught and Dickson

Location: Irvine

Type: Brewery

David Gray established the Irvine Brewery in 1826. The brewery was fed with water from St. Ann's Well in Golffields and was offered to let in 1852 when David decided to focus his energies on local politics.

In 1853 the brewery was taken on by James Bone and Alexander Guthrie, and then by William Cowan in 1866.

The brewery then came under the control of the Irvine Brewery Company whose partners were George Easton, William Stirton, and Archibald Richmond. The partnership was dissolved in 1869 but a new partnership, under the same name, was immediately established, consisting of George Easton, William Stirton, and James Maitland.

After this partnership was dissolved in 1874 the brewery was sold to John Drummond of Paisley in 1875.

Drummond sold the brewery in 1895 to Matthew Alexander McNaught who, in turn, sold it to the firm of McNaught & Dickson in 1898, but Matthew died that year. The brewery was eventually put up for sale in 1902 but failed to find a buyer. The buildings have since been demolished and the site lies under Low Green Road and an access road to new housing. The only remaining evidence of the brewery are two small sections of boundary wall.

Map of 1892 showing the layout of the Irvine Brewery
Map of 1892 showing the layout of the Irvine Brewery
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Active: 1826 - 1902

Status: Demolished


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