Cromarty Brewery

Business: D Bain and Sons

Location: Cromarty

Type: Brewery

The brewery was occupied by Walter Ross from at least 1811 until 1823. It was later taken on by D. Bain & Sons, in 1831, but was marked as disused on a map of 1871. It was described as a "late 18th century rectangular 3-storey, 2- by 5- bay, red-sandstone building, with a central hoist".

Map of 1871 showing the Cromarty Brewery
Map of 1871 showing the Cromarty Brewery
© National Library of Scotland, 2015

Active: 1810s - 1830s

Address: Brewery Place

Status: Converted

Current Use: Residential training centre


Cromarty Brewery
This view shows the brewery in the 1960s.
© John Hume, 2015


The buildings still stand, and are now used as a residential training centre.


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