Craigellachie Brewery Co Ltd

The Craigellachie Brewery Co Ltd was registered in 1895 (Scottish Company No 2944) with a proposed capitalisation of £10,000.

When the brewery opened in 1897 the company's agents, Gordon, Graham & Co of Aberdeen, hired a special train with eighteen wagons to carry 350 hogsheads of Glenlivet ales (134,400 pints!) back to their stores.

Despite this publicity stunt, and the use of the name Glenlivet, the company was in difficulties very quickly.

It raised a further £5,000 of capital in 1899 but was forced to reduce the nominal value of its shares in 1905, before going into voluntary liquidation in 1907. It was finally wound up in 1911.

Location: Craigellachie

Active: 1895 - 1911

Status: Dissolved

Breweries and other buildings

The Craigellachie Brewery was built in 1897 at a cost of £8,287, and was located just to the east of the Craigellachie-Glenlivet Distillery.

The buildings have since been demolished and the site remains undeveloped.


Map of 1902 showing the Craigellachie Brewery
Map of 1902 showing the Craigellachie Brewery
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Other Sources of information


The National Records of Scotland holds dissolved company papers (Ref : BT2/3790) for the period 1895-1912.

Book and Journals

Donnachie, I. A history of the brewing industry in Scotland. Edinburgh: John Donald Publishers, 1979.