Keppochhill Stores

Business: James Aitken and Co (Falkirk) Ltd

Location: Glasgow

Type: Store

The Keppochhill stores were built by James Aitken & Co (Falkirk) Ltd in the 1920s. They were extended and refurbished between 1934 and 1937 to designs by the well known Glasgow architecture firm of Keppie and Henderson.

Map of 1933 showing the location of the Keppochhill stores
© National Library of Scotland, 2016

Active: 1920s - 1960s

Address: Keppochhill Road

Status: Converted

Current Use: Commercial property

Architect: Keppie and Henderson


Keppochhill Stores
This view shows the stores in 1940.


The buildings still stand, and are used as commercial premises.


Other Sources of information

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