St Bernard's Brewery

Business: Ainslie and Co

Location: Nairn

Type: Brewery

The Nairn Brewery, which was first recorded in 1843, was re-named the St Bernard's Brewery when it was taken on by Ainslie & Co.

The brewery consisted of a small group of buildings on Mill Road, organised around a central courtyard.

Map of 1868 showing the layout of the Nairn Brewery, later re-named the St Bernard's Brewery.
© National Library of Scotland, 2016.

Active: 1898 - 1903

Address: Mill Road

Status: Demolished

Current Use: Landscaped ground


Sadly we do not have a picture of the St Bernard's Brewery. Please contact us if you have one!


The brewery was destroyed by fire in 1903, causing £1,000 of damage, and most of the ground has since been landscaped.