Ainslie and Co

Margaret Ainslie was granted the renewal of the licence for the Nairn Brewery in 1898, instead of David Bernard Rose; the brewery was then renamed the St Bernard's Brewery. Margaret's son Robert then traded as Ainslie & Co, until 1903.

Amongst the beers produced at the brewery were Extra Stout and Sparkling Dinner Ale.

Trademark for Ainslie & Co
Trademark for Ainslie & Co
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Location: Nairn

Active: 1898 - 1903

Status: Closed

Breweries and other buildings

The St Bernard's Brewery consisted of a small group of buildings on Mill Road, organised around a central courtyard. The brewery was destroyed by fire in 1903 and most of the ground has since been landscaped.


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Map of 1868 showing the layout of the Nairn Brewery
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